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Cluster Engineering & Tooling

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How to Join

To join to the Portuguese Engineering and Tooling Cluster it is necessary to become member of Pool-net. To this purpose, firstly, it is necessary to be identified with the aims pursued by Pool-net or carrying out activities inserted in the framework of this Collective Efficiency Strategy (CES).    

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Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster

... promote the sustainable development of Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster ... 

Pool-net Association is the entity responsible for boosting the Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster, particularly through the implementation of the collective efficiency strategy created for this sector.

On this website you will find out information about the activities of the Cluster and of the association that manages it, as well as regarding the projects that materialize the implementation of the recommended strategy.

Know here all membership advantages. Get informed and participate.



Strategic Sectors



  • Tooling EDGE
  • ETF
  • BtM
  • Tooling Surface
  • IDT for Tooling
  • RIMcopTec
  • Engineering & Tooling From Portugal
  • Tooling_Push
  • Modular Training Programs
  • Training-Action Programs for SME
  • ReFRA
  • MM Tooling
  • Di_MARKeTS

Tooling Edge - High Performance Sustainable Production

Tooling Edge main goal is to develop scientific and technological knowledge, working and organizational innovative methodologies adapted to Engineering & Tooling sector, that trough a process of demonstration and dissemination, may increase industry overall performances and the value added in its processes and products.

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ETF - Empresa Tooling do Futuro (Tooling Enterprise of the Future)

Project ETF – Tooling Enterprise of the Future aims to develop methodologies to support the development of Engineering & Tooling companies, including the identification and ownership of the requirements that allow companies to widen their competitive basis, migrating or adding their offer to different areas of the existing ones, or to new areas presenting new challenges.

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BtM - Branding to Market

BtM – Branding to Market Project main goal is to promote and consolidate the brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” as a collective mark, distinctive and differentiating of Engineering & Tooling Industry at national and international levels, fostering competitiveness and enhancing its position in international markets.

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Tooling Surface

This project has as global and strategic goal, the study of factors affecting polymeric material flow behavior during injection molding process, with a special focus on interaction between the molten material and surface quality associated with the reduction of friction coefficients in cavities, particularly with high aspect ratio.

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IDT for Tooling

Is a strategic goal to encouraging R & D aimed at developing skills and knowledge with potential application in Tooling field. Given the existence of a base of scientific and technological excellence in this field, the bet will focus on boosting strategic areas identified as critical at the level of technology, engineering, materials, materials technology, such as rapid prototyping technologies, tools rapid manufacturing, micro technology, surface engineering, materials with better thermal performance, the materials obtained by powder metallurgy, the processing at high speed, non-conventional technologies of production, etc.

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BIGPROTO Project aims to develop materials, equipment and technologies for the manufacture of prototypes or small series of large plastic parts by Reaction Injection Molding using nylon (Polyamide).

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The project aims to introduce in an industrial environment a new technology for Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) developed at FEUP - Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto.

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Engineering & Tooling From Portugal

This is truly a structuring project for a sector that strongly exports, becoming essential to meet one of the most ambitious goal stated on the Strategic Plan for Engineering & Tooling Industry – “Making Portugal a global reference in Mouldmaking Business”. Some of the tasks included in this project are already underway trough the dynamization of several collective actions performed in different geographic markets.

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The configuration of this project will be based in research and knowledge generation and methodological basis on: standard rules for designing of functional injection systems; - standard rules for designing functional cooling systems in the tools – project of functional ejection system – Study and selection of most suitable tooling materials – Development of solutions for solving injection problems (defects) – Optimization of processing parameters for injection of liquid silicone rubber.

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Modular Training Programs

This project has as main goals: to endow human resources of Portuguese Engineering & Tooling sector with technical skills in strategic training areas, with the first goal to increase their skills, to improve companies performance and the skills validation and certification.

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Training-Action Programs for SME (Formação-acção para PME's)

This project as key role in stimulation and mobilization of entities, including companies belonging to the Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster through the implementation and promotion of qualification and training initiatives of human resources.

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The main goal of ReFRA network (Quick Additive Manufacturing Network) is to contribute for the development of an induction knowledge and coherent strategy, for development, spreading and exploration of Rapid Manufacturing as an instrument of economic and social development.

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MM Tooling

The project Mobilize Micro-Fabrication emerges from the work developed at CEMICRO network, promoting development of micro-manufacturing automated cells, micro-manufacturing technology, development of new applications, components, metal or ceramics components by micro-PIM, as well as studies of manufacturing processes regarding micro and nano structures by laser direct writing, tending to develop new skills to manufacture new products. This inducting project wants to anticipate a new intervention area on Portuguese Engineering & Tooling industry, enhancing a real capacity to feed market needs.

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DiMarkets Project strengthen the intervention made on “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” Project, namely trough the approach to new markets and identification of business opportunities enabling a consolidated cutback on automotive market dependence in total exports of this Cluster, by an increasing in other strategic markets (aeronautics, health, energy and environment and packaging).

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Being a knowledge and technology intensive sector, the needs of high skilled labor is critical for Portuguese Engineering & Tooling industry needs.

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